Artist BIO


Machelle Knochenhauer

painter sculptor master gardener

Life imitates art... 

Colorfield paintings: 

The depth and richness in the colorfield paintings are achieved through the use of transparent and opaque acrylic paints layered strategically over a period of several weeks.

 "I like living at the juncture of control and chaos. I enter the studio and meticulously prepare color, form, and concept; then make room for the process to surprise me. It is an exercise of control and faith. It is like gardening...or ceramics when you place greenware in the kiln and hope the fire will be friendly.”

These colorfield paintings work on two levels. From a distance they appear simple. Up close they reveal intricate patterns and depth. Minimalism overrides complexity in order to lessen references to scale, time, and place.



 I try to push the limits of clay in order to celebrate the precarious and often humorous nature of life that leaves us off-balance, yet still erect. Contentment comes when “we know we don’t know” and learn to embrace life’s chaotic norm rather than attempt to overlay an order that stifles joy and beauty. 

My work consciously uses both positive and negative space in a way that allows the thoughtful viewer to observe something fresh with each new approach. Though aspects of the sculptures are intricate, minimalism overrides complexity in order to lessen references to scale, time and place. While these works are responses to my own global travels, they are deliberately ambiguous to encourage the attentive viewer to discover her own story in them. I also experiment with found objects, wood, and fabric when I have the urge. 


The Artist BIO

 Machelle Knochenhauer earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and ceramics at University of California, Santa Barbara after completing undergraduate work at Michigan State University and Calvin College. Numerous awards include the IAP Jocylyn Kempe Memorial/Chevron USA Award; Abrams Memorial Award; William Dole Memorial Award; Patent Grant, University of California, Santa Barbara. 

She maintains studios in Grand Haven, MI and St. Petersburg, FL at ArtsXchange Studio 109. Her works are represented by the Button Gallery in Douglas, MI and Galleria Misto in Bellaire, FL. 


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